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June 19, 2023
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No matter how a planned holiday seems so perfect, Murphy’s Law still applies (Anything that can go wrong will go wrong). Be a smart traveller, plan before anything happens. The last thing that you want is to spend double or triple the amount you paid for the trip, just to rectify travel mishaps.

This June holiday, we are sure many of you would have already planned for your well-deserved trip, while some of you may already be out of Singapore. For those of you who are about to travel soon, have you bought your Travel Insurance?

Read on to find out more on what are the common questions asked when choosing a Travel Insurance plan.

Is Travel Insurance a waste of money?

Definitely not! Travel Insurance plans can help to provide a peace of mind and protection if anything unexpected happens during your trip. For example, if your trip gets interrupted due to closure of your travel agency, or if you suffer an injury while you’re away, Travel Insurance is designed to help minimise these unexpected costs (as long it is covered under the policy). The money spent on Travel Insurance would just cost a fraction of your actual travel expenses, but in return, you can fully relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that you’re well protected.

Should I buy my Travel Insurance on the day of travelling?

You should buy a Travel Insurance as soon as you’ve planned your trip. This is a good way to maximise the policy coverage. For example, should there be any flight cancellations or insolvency of the travel agency which you are booking with, you would be able to submit a claim, usually if the occurrence is within certain number of days from your intended travel date.

Looking for more insights? Hear from our PFPFA Associates Ms Wang Yuhui and Mr Zachary Leong who have strong experience with marketing Travel Insurance plans!

Question 1:
Why do I need a Travel Insurance? I have a Personal Accident plan and Hospitalisation plan, it should be sufficient to cover me for overseas travel right?
Wang Yuhui's answer

While Travel Insurance does cover Personal Accident injuries and Hospitalisation whilst overseas or upon return, it also covers for any travel inconveniences which might disrupt your planned holidays. These travel inconveniences include flight delay or flight cancellation, baggage delay and other emergency situations which require you to cancel or shorten your holidays. Most importantly, overseas medical expenses can come up to quite a large sum of money.

Zachary Leong's answer

Even though your Personal Accident and Hospital plan can still cover you when you are overseas, Travel Insurance provides a much more extensive scope of coverage such as travel emergencies, as well as loss/damage to your baggage and personal belongings, flight and baggage delays, just to name a few.
Question 2:
Does Travel Insurance covers pre-existing conditions? Do all travel plans cover Covid-19 expenses?
Wang Yuhui's answer

There are a couple of insurers which cover pre-existing conditions but mostly do not, thus speak to your advisor if you require coverage for pre-existing conditions. Most travel plans have been updated to include coverage for Covid-19 expenses whilst overseas, but however, some offer it as an add-on option. Also, the updated plans do include trip cancellation/postponement due to Covid-19!

Zachary Leong's answer

Not all Travel Insurance provides coverage for pre-existing conditions so it’s best to speak to an advisor about this. Not all Travel Insurance covers for Covid-19 as well. Although most insurers include this into their Travel Insurance coverage, some are available as an optional add on. The scope of coverage for Covid-19 differs amongst insurers as well so it’s good to speak to an advisor on what your main concerns are.
Question 3:
What happens if I have a medical emergency while overseas and needs to be evacuated to Singapore immediately?
Wang Yuhui's answer

Get in touch with your Travel Insurance provider Emergency Assistance helpline. They will cover the necessary and reasonable cost of transportation, accompanied medical staff and supplies, including the cost of getting you home when the return ticket cannot be used anymore.

Zachary Leong's answer

Every insurer has an emergency helpline for travel emergencies. Should you require emergency repatriation back to Singapore, or emergency services to a medical facility, do call the helpline for advice and they will make the necessary arrangements for you.
Question 4:
I fell sick when I was on holiday overseas, and I have seen a doctor and was given medication there. However, after returning to Singapore, the symptoms didn’t go away and I would like to consult the doctor again for a second opinion. Are post trip medical expenses covered?
Wang Yuhui's answer

Post trip medical expenses may be covered up to 30 days (may vary amongst insurers) upon return to Singapore when initial treatment is sought overseas.

Zachary Leong's answer

Yes they are. Even though your Travel Insurance expires on the day when you reach Singapore, you will still be covered for medical expenses incurred in Singapore for follow ups where initial treatment was sought when you were overseas, up to a maximum number of days. Do take note that for most insurers, the follow ups must be sought within 48 hours of returning to Singapore if you did not seek treatment while overseas.

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